City man is at odds with his fellow tenant whom he accuses of insulting him and his children


ZIMBABWE – This came to light when Kevin Magozore dragged Tashinga Chikura at Harare civil court asking for a peace order.

Kevin said:

“Tashinga and I are tenants at the same house; she uses her own rooms while I use the other rooms with my family.

“The problem is Tashinga is an alcoholic who always come home in the morning drunk disturbing my peace.

“Every time that she is drunk, she hurles insults at me with obscene language.

“At one time she challenged me to a fist fight when I refused; she threw me out of the house.

Kevin added:

“She also makes my children do her chores which include cleaning the toilet after she has messed it.

“My prayer to the court is to be granted the peace order so that Tashinga stops insulting me and my children.”

Tashinga did not show up to plead her case.

The magistrate who presided over the matter, Marehwanazvo Gofa granted the peace order in Kevin’s favour.


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