City man wants protection from court against former girlfriend

City man wants protection from court against former girlfriend


ZIMBABWE – A city man approached the domestic violence court seeking for a protection against his former girlfriend who is in the habit of verbally and physically abusing him.

Kenneth Tongai dragged his former girlfriend Yvonne Vengerai to Harare Civil court claiming that she was failing to accept that their relationship had ended.

He told the court that Yvonne was jealous and was also attacking his new lover.

“She comes to my house and insults me, telling me that I’m not a man since I never satisfied her sexually.

“At one point, she attacked me with her sister. I’m living in fear of her since she can end my life.

“She is obsessed and does not accept that our love is over,” he said.

In her defence, Yvonne denied insulting or assaulting him after their breakup.

“We last fought when we were still in a relationship since all lovers fight occasionally.

“He was cheating on me and that is the reason I ended the relationship. How can I attack him yet I am the one who no longer wanted him.

“He is drunk most of the time and he is the one who actually came to my place and attacked my nephew,” she said.

Magistrate Ruth Samukange, who presided over the matter, granted the protection order in Kenneth’s favour

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