Clerk in the dock

Clerk in the dock


zimbabwe – A Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe clerk Kushinga Dutiro, has appeared before a Harare Civil Court magistrate for failing to provide for his ex-wife and three children.

Dutiro reportedly dumped his ex-wife, Eustina Mugandi and their children for another woman.

Mugandi who was demanding $500 for the upkeep of their children, told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Dutiro was failing to perform his fatherly duties of taking care of the children leaving the whole burden to her.

“I want $500 for our three children aged six, four and one year,” she said.

“He works at RBZ and earns approximately $3 000 every month. I am a teacher and earn $350 which is not enough to take care of the children.”

Mr Nyatsanza ordered Dutiro to pay $100 for the upkeep of the children and to pay school fees.

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