College student punished for sexually abusing his landlord’s daughter

College student punished for sexually abusing his landlord’s daughter


ZIMBABWE – A 24-year-old Speciss College student who was arrested for allegedly having sexual intercourse with his landlord’s 14-year old daughter will perform 210 hours of community service at Chitungwiza Aquatic complex.

Chitungwiza magistrate Tafadzwa Miti had sentenced Christopher Patana six months imprisonment, however three months were suspended on the basis that he is a first offender and the other three would be compensated by performing community service.

Christopher Patana had pleaded not guilty to charges of having sexual intercourse with a minor when he appeared at Chitungwiza magistrates’ court.

In his submissions to the court, Christopher denied to have slept with the minor claiming that he was not even at the house on the day in question.

“She usually comes into my room many times but I have never touched her, on the day that she claims I slept with her I was not even there,” he said.

The State led by Edmund Ndambakuwa alleges that on November 2 the minor went into Christopher’s room since she wanted him to help her with solving mathematical questions.

When the complainant was about to leave the room, Christopher then closed the door of the room and pushed the minor close to him.

The court heard that Christopher started kissing the minor and pulled off her pant, the minor didn’t stop him since she liked what he was doing.

The two had sexual intercourse and the minor later confessed to her parents and Christopher was arrested.

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