Conductor assualted over US$5

Conductor assualted over US$5


ZIMBABWE – A 24-year-old tout was arrested for assaulting a conductor over US$5.

Sean Gunyana pleaded not guilty to assault charges for allegedly attacking Learnmore Tsuro who owes him US$5.

Chitungwiza magistrate Renikah Dzikiti deferred trial of the matter to December 23.

The State led by Tatenda Mukatera alleges that on November 30, at around 3pm Learnmore Tsuro was at Chitungwiza bus terminus when Sean Gunyana came to him and asked for US$5 which was meant to be payment for the five days that he touted for passengers to board into Learnmore’s vehicle.

Learnmore told Sean that he was only in a position to give him the money end of day since he wanted to give all the money he had to his boss.

However, this did not go down well with Sean who then started pushing Learnmore demanding money from him.

The court heard that Sean was restrained from attacking Learnmore, despite spirited efforts to stop him from attacking Learnmore, Sean escaped from the crowd and punched Learnmore on his left eye and went on punching him in the stomach.

Learnmore then lodged a complaint with the police and Sean was arrested.

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