Cop appeared in the court on allegations of attacking his wife

Cop appeared in the court on allegations of attacking his wife


ZIMBABWE – A Chitungwiza cop who appeared in court on allegations of attacking his wife walked away a free man yesterday.

This was after the state failed to prove a prima fascie case against him.

During the initial hearing of the matter, Alexander Moyomurefu pleaded not guilty to charges of attacking his wife Grace Mambondiyani over a misunderstanding at their matrimonial home.

Chitungwiza magistrate Renikah Dzikiti presided over the matter.

“I am giving this woman maintenance every month, and now we are having problems because after filing a maintenance order against me she still makes demands for money from me.

“She doesn’t understand when I tell her I don’t have the money so she always comes up with strategies to fix me.

“I never assaulted her. She is just trying to get me arrested because I did not give her the money that she had asked for,” said Alexander.

Meanwhile, Grace said Alexander attacked her after she had asked him to give her money to buy groceries.

“I only asked him to give me money for groceries; instead of telling me that he did not want he went on to assault me and were it not for my sister-in-law whom we stay with he could have seriously injured me,” she said.

However during the trial, Grace failed to substantiate her claims leading to Alexander’s acquittal.

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