Defiant Chamisa Vows To Take On The Fight


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HARARE – MDC-Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa yesterday told the nation that MDC-Alliance was not going to be forced to change it’s name, that if there was a need to renew and rebrand they would do it at their own account and cautioned that this time they were going to fight head on the recent attacks by the Zanu-Pf led government.

Nelson Chamisa dances to manyarireiko @21st MDC Anniversary

This comes after Khuphe’s party recently announced in public that they intend to go to the by-elections as the MDC-Alliance.

He was speaking for the first time in months during a virtual rally celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa cuts the 21st anniversary cake

Chamisa clarified that they were celebrating 21 years anniversary as the MDC-Alliance because they celebrate the struggle and journey for democracy. He was acknowledging that there has been some changes but that the cause is still the same as back in 1999.

The opposition leader acknowledged that MDC has had it’s fair share of problems but said he was happy the movement is still going on citing that he together with other leaders such as Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube had found each other again to continue the fight.

MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende

“We are celebrating today that we have refused to be swallowed, (havagoni kutimedza) they cannot swallow us. MDC-Alliance is a baobab tree it can not be cut using a razor blade. It cannot be consumed by a crocodile.

“That is why they have resorted to these shameless tactics to try and divide us, to try and impose certain agenda but they will not succeed. I can tell you they will not succeed.”

MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti

The young charismatic leader highlighted that contrary to what some people are saying that they are not doing anything, if you look at those being persecuted and victimised by the state, they are members of the MDC-Alliance because they are fighting

Adding that “we are ready to lead and we are there to lead but we can only lead those who are willing to follow. So help us to follow, help us to be part of this journey. Leadership we shall provide but also provide the critical mass so that we can achieve our common objective together.

MDC Alliance President – Nelson Chamisa

“The real crisis in this country is that of a stolen election. You can say that it’s an economic problem, the crisis in Zimbabwe is a legitimacy crisis. A crisis of a stolen and disputed election.

“Fellow Zimbabweans listen to this. Nothing can be done in Zimbabwe without resolving the legitimacy question to move the country forward.”

Chamisa blasted those who are saying there is no crisis in the country and said they are the crisis if they cannot see the crisis prevailing in the country.

He also said the ongoing recalls were illegal and that his party was going to win and regain all the stolen votes.

MDC Alliance Vice President following the proceedings yesterday

He added that in the wake of the recent attacks, the party was making consultations across the country including meeting other stakeholders such as churches and war veterans in order to map a way forward.

Chamisa also thanked the African National Congress (ANC)for intervening and trying to solve the crisis in Zimbabwe.

He also extended gratitude to African Union (AU), Southern African Development Community (SADC), EFF and others from South Africa who have shown solidarity with Zimbabweans.

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