Desperate Zanu PF threatens Chamisa, Biti

Desperate Zanu PF threatens Chamisa, Biti
ZANU-PF's Patrick Chinamasa threatening Chamisa, Biti on Friday

HARARE – Zanu-PF’S motor-mouthed Spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa has accused the MDC-Alliance of promoting violence in the country and celebrating the recent Chivhu shooting incident.

He was speaking during a Zanu-PF press conference on Friday.

Chinamasa singled out top MDC-Alliance leaders, President Nelson Chamisa and his Vice President, Hon Tendai Biti and warned them “not to be children playing with fire, it will be dangerous for them.”

Chinamasa making threats to Chamisa and Biti

He accused the opposition party of sending insurgents for training in Serbia and Moldova.

“We know what they have been doing, we are not surprised by the stance they have been taking. We are aware that the MDC has been training, sending to Serbia and Moldova renegades who are being trained to prepare Molotov cocktails to come and cause mayhem and violence in our country.”

Shockingly, the Zanu-PF bigwig also accused MDC-Alliance of the 2018 violence and the January 2019 violence which he claimed were “targeting security forces and ‘innocent’ Zanu-PF members.”

ZANU PF Spokesperson Chinamasa Friday Press Conference where he threatened Chamisa, Biti

Chinamasa warned Serbia and Moldova against hosting such ‘violent’ trainings. He added that the Zanu-PF government will not tolerate that including those who are supposedly funding these trainings and perpetrating violent activities.

The MDC-Alliance has rejected these allegations and condemned them as defamatory.

“It’s a matter of regret that Chinamasa has resorted to a false, malicious and reckless attack on the Alliance. Instead of addressing the multifaceted socio-economic & governance crisis, he has fabricated unfounded claims against our movement.”

“We demand a retraction of the defamatory allegations against our president, vice president and our party to the effect that we are training youths in Moldova and Serbia. We are a party committed to non-violence & peaceful resolution of the national crisis, ” said MDC-Alliance Spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere in response to the ‘ridiculous claims’ .

ZANU PF Spokesperson Chinamasa Friday Press Conference where he threatened Chamisa, Biti

Meanwhile, Chinamasa attacked the ANC after some of the delegates who visited Zimbabwe and met Zanu-PF made critical comments on the crisis in Zimbabwe.

” Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa, that we agreed very clearly. In the context of International Relations, South Africa is not a big brother, it has no overseer role to play on Zimbabwe on in the region. It has no mediatory role to play in South Africa, in Zimbabwe or in any other country and not being a province of South Africa it follows that there is no interventionist approach to the way that South Africa would relate to us.”

ZANU PF Spokesperson Chinamasa Friday Press Conference where he threatened Chamisa, Biti

This comes after Lindiwe Zulu, a Minister in Ramaphosa’s government who was part of the recent delegation from ANC that visited Zimbabwe said “Zimbabwe is near collapse.”

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