Drug dealer imprisonment for 20 months in jail, supplying dangerous drugs

Drug dealer imprisonment for 20 months in jail, supplying dangerous drugs


ZIMBABWE – A Notorius Kuwadzana drug dealer was yesterday slapped with an effective 20 months jail term after he was found supplying 2kgs of prepared cannabis to his client in Highfield.

Wilbert Chigwere, 37, was initially sentenced to 28 months in prison before eight months were suspended for five years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence and he will be spending the remaining months in jail.

Chigwere had pleaded not guilty to the offence of dealing in dangerous drugs when he initially appeared before Mbare magistrate Reward Kwenda.

However his fate was sealed when the State led by prosecutor Fanuel Madanhire proved that on October 6 at around 4pm the police received a tip off that Chigwere was a drug dealer.

They were also warned that Chigwere would be making a drop off at one of his regular clients in Highfield that day.

The informer gave the police the registration number of the car that he would be using.

The police set a trap at the destination and followed the said car.

The police caught up with Chigwere in action however they missed the driver who sped off after dropping the culprit.

Chigwere was arrested and was found in possession of two packets of mbanje which were later weighed to 2kg.

He denied disclosing his alleged accomplice saying he did not know him and had only asked for a lift.

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