Fake doctor raped student nurse after making her fool

Fake doctor raped student nurse after making her fool


ZIMBABWE – A bogus doctor reportedly raped a student nurse at Harare Central Hospital and a nurse from a private hospital after he promised to offer them jobs at his surgery, the court heard yesterday.

Lawrence Kutoka (38) of 231 Harling Way, Waterfalls in Harare, was not asked to plead to two counts of rape yesterday before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Ms Estere Chivasa.

Kutoka was remanded in custody to December 21.

Ms Chivasa asked him to seek bail at the High Court.

The prosecutor Mr Tendai Mukariri told the court that on November 5 and at around 12pm, Kutoka met his first victim, a nurse (20) employed at a private hospital.

She was on her way to Eastlea to collect her salary.

Kutoka allegedly introduced himself as a doctor who had opened a new surgery and wanted nurse aides.

He allegedly asked for her curriculum vitae to offer her employment and she promised to hand it later by the day.

Kutoka allegedly asked for her cellphone number and was given.

He allegedly called her at around 6pm and they met in town where he was handed the CV.

Kutoka allegedly invited her into his vehicle promising to take her home to Highfield and she complied.

Instead of heading to Highfield, Kutoka allegedly drove towards Chitungwiza claiming he wanted to collect ‘something’.

It is alleged that he drove his car until they reached some shops in Marondera.

He allegedly locked the complainant inside and stepped out of the vehicle pretending to collect some incubators to use in his surgery.

However, he later came asking if the complainant had money and snatched her handbag with $350.

He allegedly drove for a short distance and stopped claiming that his vehicle had developed a problem.

Further allegations are that he moved closer to the complainant claiming it was cold and wanted them to share body heat.

Kutoka allegedly told her that she looked HIV positive judging from her slim body and that he wanted to carry some tests.

He inserted his fingers into her privates, fondling her in the process and later raped her without protection.

After the act, he told the complainant that she was now his second wife.

On the following day, at around 5am, Kutoka was asleep when the woman sneaked out of the car and headed to the main road where she hitch-hiked  to Harare.

She reported the matter to the police.

On the second count, on November 9, Kutoka allegedly met the student nurse at Harare Central Hospital and he introduced himself as Dr Madiro.

It is alleged that he used the same trick to lure her to Chitungwiza where he raped her.

The matter was reported to the police leading to his arrest.

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