Fans throw Peter Moyo 31st Surprise Birthday Party

Fans throw Peter Moyo 31st Surprise Birthday Party
Peter Moyo with fans who threw him a surprise 31st Birthday Party Weekend

HARARE – Peter Moyo was at a loss for words last Saturday when 31 loyal fans threw a surprise 31st birthday party for him at an upmarket eatery in Harare.

The Utakataka Express leader could not hide his elation after the love he got from fans on an occasion he never thought fans would remember him in a unique way.

With the world reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Young Igwe thought he would just remember the occasion indoors with close pals or family.

A number of guests, comprising Utakataka Express fanatic Boss Majowa, showered the birthday boy with gifts that included money, liquor and clothes.

In an interview with H-Metro, the Kwekwe-bred star urged fellow artistes to invest in their fans.“I am one artist who interact with fans a lot, both on and off stage.

“People might say I am pompous, but those who know me, especially my fans, will tell you that I am a humble and caring person. “I don’t live a lie like most celebrities who parade their wealth and riches on social media because I know God doesn’t like that kind of behaviour,” he said.

In his birthday message, Peter said he was praying for unity and love among Zimbabweans.

“In life what we need most is love and care for us to happy especially in these trying times of Covi-19. “This disease has come as a reminder for people to love each other and I will do my best to show love to the next door neighbour.

“In my case, I testify that I am highly favoured because people have just shown me that today. “It’s not easy to be remembered in such a unique way, especially when people have lost their sources of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he added. Peter Moyo also vowed to keep the late Tongai Moyo’s legacy alive.

“I know I have a big responsibility to ensure that I keep my father’s legacy going.
“I will not rest on my laurels after the huge breakthrough that I have made because I know I still have a long way to go.

“I’m very much aware that fans need new stuff and music every year and that is my responsibility ensure that I do my best for them “I know it’s hard to please people, but I will do my best to ensure fans’ are catered for.”

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