Father gets cruel over his son

Father gets cruel over his son


ZIMBABWE – In what appears to be the worst case of child abuse, a Harare man reportedly dragged his son to the toilet, defecated whilst he was watching before forcing him to wipe-off his feaces.

Farai Robert Mutyambizi, from Highlands, reportedly forced his son claiming that he was good at cleaning other people’s feaces after defecating.

And he wanted his son to ‘treat’ him like those people whom he had cleaned.

This emerged at the Harare magistrates’ court where Mutyambizi is facing charges of ill-treating a child.

The 36-year-old denied the charges on his initial appearance in court.

His son was taken to court where he testified against his father.

But the trial was held in camera.

Circumstances leading to Mutyambizi’s arrest are that on December 22 last year the boy was playing along with his friend when his father approached him.

It is said that Mutyambizi grabbed his son by the hand and told him that since he was good at wiping other people’s feaces from their buttocks, he was supposed to do the same to him.

Reports are that Mutyambizi dragged the boy into their toilet and started defecating whilst he was watching.

As if that was not enough, Mutyambizi allegedly forced his son to wipe-off his feaces.

The boy reportedly denied.

Another tenant overhead the two’s conversation as they argued whilst in the toilet which forced her to shout at Mutyambizi.

It is said that the boy opened the door and ran away.

Irked by Mutyambizi’s actions, his sister-in-law took the matter to the police.

Mutyambizi was arrested and taken to court.

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