Father in the civil court wants child custody

Father in the civil court wants child custody


ZIMBABWE – A city man approached the Harare civil court demanding child custody for his four years old child arguing that his ex-wife was not giving the child proper care.

Collin Tafara told the court that Chipo Joka had neglected the child and her mother was the one providing for the child.

The child was in the respondent’s rural home.

“The child is staying with the respondent’s mother. When I visited her I found out that she was suffering.

“Her mother cannot feed the child. Life in the rural areas is not easy for my daughter. She is willing to stay with me,” he said.

In her defence Chipo argued that the child was in safe hands.

“I stayed with my child until my parents ordered me to go back to school. I’m supplementing my O’ levels.

“The child is still young, I don’t think it is safe if he takes her. He has not been supporting the child.

“I’m afraid that I will not have access to my child,” she said.

Magistrate Ruth Kamangira presided over the matter and deferred it to November 19 for further submissions.

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