First Lady donates to Mbare elderly folk

First Lady donates to Mbare elderly folk


ZIMBABWE – At least 600 elderly women in Mbare yesterday benefited from food donated by the Zanu-PF secretary for Women’s Affairs, Amai Grace Mugabe. Amai Mugabe, who held a rally in Mbare last week, promised people that just like other provinces they would receive their share of groceries this week. True to her word, more than 500 elderly women yesterday received groceries at Stodart Hall in Mbare.

Among the beneficiaries was Ambuya Sekesai Idah Hwiza Nyahuni, who looked after the comrades who bombed Shell fuel tanks in Workington Industrial area towards the end of the liberation struggle in 1978. Amai Mugabe last week hailed the role that Ambuya Hwiza played in the liberation struggle.

In an interview after receiving her share of groceries, Ambuya Hwiza said only God could thank Amai Mugabe for her good work. “I don’t know how to thank her for what she has done to us,” she said. “I am happy and I don’t know how I should express my joy.” Ambuya Hwiza said it was important for young generations to know the history of the country.

“We attained independence through shedding of blood and our younger generations should know that,” she said. “I looked after the comrades who bombed Shell tanks and it was not an easy task.” Ambuya Hwiza chronicled how the comrades undertook their operation.

Zanu-PF provincial commissar for Harare province Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe, thanked Amai Mugabe for donating food to the people of Mbare especially the elderly. Said Cde Mashayamombe: “We cherish the good gesture by Amai Mugabe as the Zanu-PF leadership in Harare.

“We are the beneficiaries of this gesture as the leadership because it is our duty to look after the elderly in our province. “We thank Amai Mugabe for remembering the veterans of our liberation struggle like Ambuya Hwiza because they are no longer able to fend for themselves yet they have orphans to look after.”

Cde Mashayamombe said the gesture by Dr Mugabe also helped to build a positive image for the party. He hailed Dr Mugabe for sticking to her word by fulfilling the promise she made to the people of Mbare. “Amai Mugabe is a person of action and I hope some of our ministers will take a cue from her,” he said.

“It is always important to fulfil what we promise to the people.”

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