Former Nun confesses to cheating on her husband with over 5 men


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ZIMBABWE – A former nun’s marriage is on the brink of collapse after confessing to bedding five men out of wedlock.

Rabeka Fende, 50, who failed to withstand the vow of celibacy back in 1999 and married Godfrey Zindere, 58, appears to have also failed to stick to one man.

The primary school teacher made a confession to her husband who agreed to forgive her but was now abusing him because of his financial status.

She confessed in writing and stated the names of the five men in her life; Godfrey also acknowledged to have forgiven his wife in writing.

The five are Mayahle, Mutinhima, Manjengwa, Chiweza and Solomon, according to what was written.

“This woman cheated on him and even confessed but it is the way she is treating him that hurts. She has since approached the Harare Civil courts for a protection order and maintenance claiming US$500 which she knows he can’t afford.

“I don’t even know why she is doing all this to him,” revealed the source.

Godfrey said the woman had confessed to  cheating before producing signed confessions.

“She confessed to having slept with five different men and even apologised. All used to be well in our marriage and things got bad when I was no longer bringing money home.

“I had a good business but because of the economy in this country, things aren’t working out for me hence the reason she is now seeing other men,” Godfrey said.

Rabeka, however, denied ever confessing to her husband and had earlier agreed to give her detailed side of the story but later changed her mind and made a police complaint in a bid to stop the story from being published.

Despite having written down confessions to her husband, Fende vehemently denies cheating accusing the husband of trying to blackmail her.

“I’m sorry for everything I did sleeping with five men. My husband has agreed to forgive me,” read part of the signed confession.

Godfrey says he has not only been cheated by Rabeka adding that he has been abused emotionally and financially by the primary school teacher.

“We still live under the same roof but things are really bad. She no longer gives me any food even if I buy groceries. I just no longer have a stable source of income and that is why she is now treating me that way.

“She is doing everything to frustrate me even after making her confessions; she is pushing me to divorce her maybe so that she can remain with our Mount Pleasant Heights house. My only crime is that I’m no longer financially stable,” said Godfrey.

He said he was relying on food from tenants and restaurants when he has some money.

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