Frail-Looking Hopewell Chin’ono appears in court

Frail-Looking Hopewell Chin’ono appears in court
A visibly unwell Hopewell Chin'ono arriving at court today

HARARE – A visibly frail-looking Hopewell Chin’ono was dragged to today’s court hearing against the advice from his personal doctor, Zimbabwe Daily has learnt.

Chin’ono arriving in court today

Chin’ono, who has ironically been held at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison since his arrest for exposing government corruption is reported to be unwell.

A visibly unwell Chino’no arriving at court today

His lawyer, Doug Coltart yesterday revealed that Chin’ono was suffering from a headache, fever and a distorted taste and that requests had been made to allow his personal doctor to attend to him.

Chin’ono has been in prison for over a month and has endured some of the harsh conditions in prison.

He was at some point denied any home cooked meal and had to survive on water and biscuits.

Surprisingly the state has continued to deny that Chin’ono is exhibiting signs of illness.

The fears have also been exacerbated by the health threats posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the state of the prisons as described by Job Sikhala recently.

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