Freelance journalist arrested for raping his workmate


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ZIMBABWE – Freelance journalist, who is also employed at Newick Holding as the Human resources manager appeared in court facing accusations of attempting to rape a workmate.

Josiah Chiedzo Dimbo appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court charged with attempted rape.

He denied the charges saying he was in love with the woman who is accusing him of attempting to rape her.

Dimbo, through his defense lawyer, said that the woman once invited him at her place and he would sometime assist her with money to buy some goodies and groceries.

“The accused denies the allegations. He will state that the allegations are fabricated.

“He and complainant are co-workers.

“In September 2015, a relationship developed between the two which even saw the complainant inviting him to her homestead in Dzivaresekwa.

“The relationship saw the complainant asking for money for bus fare, groceries for her child and even money for hairdos. The relationship had not developed into a sexual affair.

“The close association was well known by many co-employees. Eventually co-workers started calling the complainant MAI Human Resources Manager.

“Before the alleged incident, the complainant confronted the accused and accused him of no longer caring for her as he was no longer financially supportive.

“She offered becoming intimate as suggested the ideal place was a lodge.

“On the day of the alleged incident both parties voluntarily went to the cottage were the alleged incident happened. The parties discussed about going to a lodge for a week-end.

“The other rooms in the cottage were occupied,” he said in his defense.

Dimbo said that he never touched the woman on the day in question.

Allegations are that on November 12 at around 10am the 25-year-old was at work with other employees when Dimbo called her to the cottage.

It is said that Dimbo told the woman that the cottage was supposed to be cleaned.

The court heard that whilst the woman was in the cottage, he then followed her.

Allegations are that Dimbo pushed the woman on the bed and attempted to rape her.

It is said that the woman hit him with an elbow and afford to free herself.

 The matter was taken to their employers before he was taken to the police leading to his arrest.

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