German hunter kills biggest elephant in Zimbabwe

German hunter kills biggest elephant in Zimbabwe


ZIMBABWE – Three months ago an American dentist shot  Cecil the Lion, a beloved fixture in Hwange National park in Zimbabwe. His death sparked anger all around the world.

Now, a similar situation is happening; one of the biggest elephants ever seen in Zimbabwe has been killed by a German trophy hunter.

The hunter, whose name has not been revealed, targeted big-game creatures, such as lions, rhinoceros, leopards, and of course, elephants. He paid $60,000 for permits so he could hunt these animals legally.

A local, professional hunter accompanied the German national near the Zibabwe Gonarezhou National Park, where the elephant was killed, The Telegraph reports.

It is believed that the African bull elephant came from South Africa. He was between 40 and 60 years old. Each tusk weighed 120 pounds. He is considered to be a “tusker,” which is a term used to describe extremely large elephants. He is estimated to be the biggest elephant killed in this region in over 30 years.

Cecil the lion and this unnamed elephant are only two examples of beautiful animals that are killed in the wild. Tourists and locals appreciate the animal and, like me, are upset that their lives are taken by hunters.

Some people are praising the hunter for his kill, but I am not. I cannot. These magnificent animals don’t deserve to die for someone to claim their dead body as a “prize.” Their lives deserve to be protected. These creatures deserve to live.

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