Girl trampled on her employer’s daughter

Girl trampled on her employer’s daughter


ZIMBABWE – A 19-year-old girl was taken to court after she violently trampled on her employer daughter’s back whilst she was lying on the ground.

Maslin Refu, of New Tafara Harare, also forced the eight-year-old to wash blankets and denied her food for failing to bow down to her demands.

As if that was not enough, Maslin also cut her employer’s daughter on her lips with a kitchen knife for failing to ‘chop’ tomatoes and assaulted her.

Maslin admitted to ill-treating the young girl when she appeared before Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe.

The court heard that on an unknown date but during the period between January and February this year Maslin was left in the custody of the eight-year-old.

She was left with the girl after her mother went to police training at Morris Depot.

It was during that time that Maslin would force the girl to wash her blankets and clothes.

She would also assault her if she fails to clean them as expected.

On another separate day, Maslin forced her employer’s daughter to cut tomatoes and she ended up cutting her lip for failing to ‘perform’ as expected.

Maslin also forced the girl to lie on her back and trembled upon her.

The matter came to light after the girl revealed to her mother that Maslin had assaulted her using a belt.

She was then taken to the police before being hauled to court where she admitted to ill-treating the child.

Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa made an application to have the matter be deferred to day saying that there was a medical affidavit which shows the extent of injuries which the child sustained.

The affidavit will be shown to the court before Maslin is sentenced.

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