Glen view man has been arrested for bedding a 15-year old

Glen view man has been arrested for bedding a 15-year old


ZIMBABWE – Tatenda Chibayamauro, 21, pleaded guilty when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Anita Tshuma charged with having sexual intercourse with a minor.

The State proved that on October 18 last year,Chibayamauro convinced the minor that both of them would go and spend time together at a friend’s place.

As Chibayamauro and the victim arrived a friend’s house, the friend went out and left the two together.

Chibayamauro then convinced the minor to have sex with him.

On January 16, the victim went to sell eggs at her mother’s vending stall and never returned

I sent my child to go and sell eggs at Glenview 8 complex, I got worried when the clock ringed 2300hrs and my daughter was not home,” said the victim’s mother in court.

The victim’s mother lodged a complaint with the police and later that day got to realise that her daughter had eloped.

The minor’s mother went to Chibayamauro’s house and took her daughter home.

She went to the police station and notified them that Chibayamauro had made her daughter pregnant leading to his arrest.

The victim denies she has been taken advantage of and says everything that transpired between the two was out of her consent

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