Grace Mugabe builds hotel

Grace Mugabe builds hotel


ZIMBABWE – First Lady Grace Mugabe is planning to build a hotel at Manzou Farm in Mazowe to expand his empire where she also intends to set up a private game park at the expense of villagers who have been living there since 2000.

According to reliable family sources, Grace, whose new imposing mansion at nearby Mapfeni Farm is all but complete, aims to build a hotel which she hopes would attract visitors or tourists to the game park.

The sources said Grace would engage Chinese contractors to build the hotel. The Chinese have been the major contractors of most of Grace’s properties including the Amai Mugabe Junior School, also in Mazowe.

As part of her expansion drive, Grace seized Manzou Farm in 2011 and has over the years unsuccessfully tried to evict 200 families who invaded the land at the onset of the land reform programme in 2000.

“The First Lady is planning on setting up a hotel once the Manzou takeover is finalised.

She wants to build the hotel as soon as the Manzou villagers are moved and settled elsewhere,” said

If plans to construct the hotel succeed, it would add to her empire which includes large tracts of land in Mazowe district. The First Family also has a state-of-the-art dairy, Gushungo Holdings, which trades as Alpha Omega Dairy (Pvt) Ltd, also in Mazowe.

It has an imposing mansion, commonly referred to as the “Blue Roof” in the upmarket Borrowdale Brooke area of Harare.

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