Grace Mugabe consoles grieving Moyo

Grace Mugabe consoles grieving Moyo


ZIMBABWE –  Lady Grace Mugabe visited Professor Jonathan Moyo’s Harare home Monday afternoon and paid her condolences following the death of the higher education minister’s daughter.

Zanele Moyo died in South African under as yet unclear circumstances and was buried in Harare at Glen Forest Memorial Park last week.

A second year student at Cape Town University, Zanele was found dead in her apartment on the 17th of last month.

Grace was visiting China at the time of the tragedy.

Speaking to journalist after meeting Moyo at his Borrowdale home, Grace said she told the Moyo family that they were not alone in their grief.

I got the news when I was in China where we had gone with women at the invitation of All China Women’s Federation. It was really sad when the President broke the news to me, said the First Lady.

And being a mother, I know that we have children for posterity and I know that as parents they had plans and every day you get up, you do not spend a day without thinking about children you brought up.

Certainly, they were doing that.

She added: I told them that yes, we can come as many people as possible to comfort, but it is very difficult especially where one has not had this kind of experience. I know how difficult it is.

As human beings, we are God’s flowers and He can come at any time to pluck out the best flower he wants and Zanele was the flower God wanted.

I also told them to be strong and accept what had happened.

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