Grace Mugabe’s rally claims two lives

Grace Mugabe’s rally claims two lives


ZIMBABWE – CHIMANIMANI – At least two people died while several others were seriously injured Thursday night in a stampede for Grace Mugabe‘s freebies at Mutambara High school near here.

Sources who attended the rally told The Zimbabwean on Friday that two school children died in a stampede while fleeing from armed soldiers and police officers who were repelling Zanu (PF) supporters who had besieged the school’s sports grounds where an assortment of Grace ‘s “donations “ were stacked waiting to be distributed.

“I have just arrived from Mutambara this morning. I can confirm that two toddlers were trampled to death while fleeing armed soldiers who were controlling the crowd which wanted to receive free goods donated by the first lady.

“As I speak, scores of people are still camped at Mutambara High school grounds waiting to receive their share,“ said a Zanu (PF) supporter who attended the rally.

Another source who attended the much publicized rally said she witnessed several elderly people who were injured in a stampede while trying to enter the barricaded school sports ground.

The source said scores of Zanu (PF) supporters from all over the country spent the whole night camped at the school hoping to receive Grace‘s “donations.”

Apart from government farming equipment such as tractors, Grace also doled out cooking oil, bars of soap, handbags, blankets and shoes.

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