Grace Mugabe’s son fined


KADOMA – First Lady Grace Mugabe’s son, Russell Goreraza, who was involved in a hostile takeover of gold-rich Tolrose Investment Mine from businessman Jameson Rushwaya, now risks losing the mine over a salaries and wage debt now estimated at nearly $340 000.

The mine’s movable plant and equipment risk being attached after the High Court on January 24 granted an order allowing the 366 workers represented by Harare lawyer Alec Muchadehama to attach property to recover their wages.

The order was registered under HC7622/13 following an arbitral award sought and granted on behalf of the workers by the Tinashe Mugwira-led National Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (NMWUZ).

“The arbitration award made by arbitrator M T Magureyi be and is hereby registered as an order of this court. Respondent pays applicants $339 782,” reads part of the order.

Mugwira said his union was happy that the award had finally been registered and workers would now move to recover their salaries withheld by the employer for over a year.

“Our members had been reduced to mere paupers while some had been hounded out of work both by the previous owner (Rushwaya) and new owner (Goreraza). This order breathes life into their fight and we are optimistic that it will change their lives for the better,” he said.

NMWUZ said it would immediately ask the deputy sheriff to enforce the order. Goreraza allegedly bought the shares from the troubled and disputed company from Patterson Timba before elbowing out Timba’s former business partner Rushwaya

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