Harare man charged with raping 14 year old sister-in-law


ZIMBABWE – A 43-year-old Harare man has been arraigned to court after he allegedly raped his sister-in-law aged 14.

The suspected rapist (name withheld to protect the minor) was last week arraigned before Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe where he was not asked to plead to the charges of rape which he reportedly perpetrated on the minor in November last year.

Claims by the State led by prosecutor Tungamirai Chakurira alleges that the minor had just moved in with her sister and her family when one day the husband is said to have taken advantage of everyone’s absence to pursue his bad intentions.

It is said that the minor who was having a headache was asleep when the accused went to where she was and he grabbed her and removed her clothes.

The minor tried to scream but he is said to have gagged her using his hand and he reportedly went on to rape her.

He is said to have produced a knife which he used to threaten the minor with, saying that he would stab her if she was to reveal. After two days, the minor is alleged to have started feeling some pain on her privates and she informed her sister.

Reports are that her sister is said to have indicated that she did not have the money to take her to hospital to have her privates checked.

The girl’s aunt is however said to have heard that the minor was not feeling well and she took her back to Murewa and was taken to hospital where it was revealed that the minor had been abused.

She is also said to have revealed the perpetrator which led to his arrest. The suspected rapist will be back in court on January 30 and is trial has been set for February 14 and he will be in custody.

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