Harare Man cheated his girlfriend, while she was admitted in hospital

Harare Man cheated his girlfriend, while she was admitted in hospital


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man, who has been masquerading as Chief Negomo of Chiweshe, reportedly withdrew and squandered his girlfriend’s money after accessing it in her bank account whilst she was admitted in hospital following a serious accident in Bulawayo.

Tonderai Chitsinde, of No.24 Scott Road in Hatfield, reportedly manufactured an affidavit purporting to be customarily married to Dometilia Tinacho.

He then took it to Afrasia Bank indicating that Dometilia had given him the bank green light to transfer US$4 000 from her account for the payment of her medical bills.

The bank acted upon the affidavit and transferred the money which Chitsinde allegedly converted to his own use.

The matter came to light after his girlfriend died at Bulawayo United Hospitals from injuries sustained in the accident.

Chitsinde was arrested and taken to Harare magistrates’ court facing allegations of duping Afrasia Bank of the US$4 000.

State counsel had it that sometime in 2012 Chitsinde fell in love with Domitilia but they never married.

On November 26 of the same year, Domitilia was involved in a road accident in Bulawayo with a Zebron Bus whilst coming from Bulawayo.

She then suffered a stroke and was admitted at Bulawayo United Hospital.

Reports are that Chitsinde became aware that his girlfriend had an account at Kingdom Unit Trust with Afrasia Bank.

On December 12, 2012 Chitsinde approached Afrasia Bank with intention to withdraw cash from Dometilia’s account.

He allegedly manufactured the affidavit passing himself as Chief Negomo and that he was customary married to Dometilia.

He then allegedly misrepresented to Afrasia Bank’s liaison officer that he was husband to Dometilia and wanted to withdraw US$4 000 from her account.

Chitsinde reportedly claimed that he wanted to pay for Dometilia’s hospital bills.

The money was said to have been transferred.

Domitilia later died on December 24, 2012 and her brother Ladisious Tinacho was later appointed the administrator of her estate.

Ladisious then indicated that no medical bills were paid on behalf of his sister.

Investigations led to the arrest of Chitsinde.

He is also facing another fraud charge is which he is alleged to have duped nine people in botched land deals after misrepresenting that he was Chief Negomo.

It is said that on July 13, 2014 he allegedly conned Munyaradzi Njiri of US$510 after misleading him that he was Chief Negomo and he could afford him a piece of land at low price.

Two days later, he allegedly duped Allan Chawa of US$1 300 whilst they were in Graniteside before taking Tawira Paradza’s US$2 025 at Parliament Building.

On August 14, 2014, Chitsinde alleged used the same modus operandi to con Okheli Mudzingwa whilst they were at Ford Garage along Seke Road.

Sikhumbuzo Munyawarara, Pardington Munyakorowa, Clement Manyevere and Stephen Dzapenga were each duped US$442 after being promised pieces of land.

Shingirai Kavaro was allegedly conned US$600.

Magistrate Elijah Makomo presided whilst Sebastian Mutizirwa prosecuted.

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