Harare man dragged to court for disposing off trash in car park

Harare man dragged to court for disposing off trash in car park


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man was dragged to the civil court by a car park owner after disposing litter and trash at his car park.

William Tome was seeking a peace order from the court claiming that Emmanuel Tsinga is using his car park as the dumping area of his unwanted filth.

“Emmanuel has made my car park a haven of filth; this is bad for my business because my customers are now resorting to other car parks.

“I confronted him on the issue but we did not reach an agreement because he began shouting calling me all sort of ugly names.

“My prayer to this honourable court is to grant me the peace order so that Emmanuel stops littering my car park with dead animals and maintain peace with me all the time,” he said.

In response Emmanuel said:

“The main problem is William and I had a dispute after he established a car park without consulting local residents as required by the law.

“His car park has become a brothel as prostitutes come and pay him to have sex with their clients inside the car park.

Used condoms are seen all over the place and this is not good for our society as we also fear for our health.

“The car park is no longer a safe place to be especially during the night as it has become a home for thieves and robbers.

Presiding magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa ordered Emmanuel to keep peace with William and refrain from dumping his trash

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