Harare women police gets violent

Harare women police gets violent


ZIMBABWE – A Harare police woman pulled a stunt yesterday as she could not handle the thought of doing community service after she assaulted a community service employee at the Harare magistrates’ court.

Barbra Chipatiso pleaded not guilty when she appeared before Mbare magistrate Stanford Mambanje charged with assault.

The case had been dated to yesterday for judgement and when the magistrate ordered that Chipatiso goes in custody for community service vetting at rotten row magistrates court since the complainant is from Mbare magistrates court.

Chipatiso then turned violent, wailed and refused to move for being placed in custody, the court had to be halted for a while to restore order.

Chipatiso screamed and rolled on the floor when the police officers and prison guards tried to take her to the cells.

Police officers tried to handle her with care considering she is pregnant.

In contrary to her condition Chipatiso threw herself to the floor facing the floor, the prison guards had to carry her and tried to cover her as her inner garments had been revealed with all her trials to fight the prison guards.

It has come to the attention of the court that it might be necessary to recommend Chipatiso goes for mental stability verification.

Chipatiso will be in court today for her to confirm if her community service application has been approved.

Chipatiso also has other pending cases at rotten row magistrates to be attended to.

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