Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!


ZIMBABWE – The adage clearly fits the situation which a Budiriro woman faced on Sunday when she returned home early only to find her husband in their matrimonial home cuddling with and caressing his girlfriend only identified as Lindy.

Getrude Nechiturike (35) was shocked to find her husband of 14 years, Mairos Masamba (43), turning their matrimonial home into a love nest.

When the two were caught, neighbors bayed for Lindy’s blood as some nearly administered Sharia law.

Mairos works for the Ministry of Health in the Blair Research Lab at Parirenyatwa hospital, so is believed of Lindy.

Instead of offering an apology, Mairos squeezed salt into the wound by boldly telling Getrude that “I have purposefully brought Lindy home because we are not legally married”. Furthermore, 43-year-old packed his clothes and deserted his family heading for an unknown place.

Narrating her ordeal, Getrude said she was given several tip-offs by her neighbors that her husband was in the habit of bringing girlfriends home after she had left home for work.

“My husband has a loose loin. He has a weakness for women and he sleeps with them on our matrimonial bed. He disrespects our marriage. This behavior is really embarrassing and our two children are now traumatised. I caught him red handed caressing a young lady named Lindy in our house.

“He told me he purposely brought Lindy home because I am not legally married to him,” lamented Getrude.

According to Getrude, Mairos has not been taking care of his family since 2012 but he demands food when he does not contribute anything for the upkeep of the family.

“He last paid rent three years ago and I struggle to fend for the family. I have never seen his salary because he spends it with his girlfriends. Imagine at his age he still has the audacity to ask his mother for bus fare after having spent his money with prostitutes.

“He has never been remorseful and I know what he makes him behave like that. When I asked Lindy why she was in my house she told me that Mairos had told her that he divorced me, and had shown Lindy a picture of a nine month old baby. I suspect he has other children elsewhere,” added Getrude.

Mairos is a member of Tendai Biti’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from Mbare District 3, and according to the wife, Mairos thinks he is married to PDP which has made him famous that he can neglect family.

“He in famous in Mbare as a commissar for the PDP, but people should know that he their leader has loose morals and does not take care of his family. He deserted the family and I suspect he is staying with one of his girlfriends,” noted Getrude.

Contacted for comment, Mairos threatened legal action.

“The government does not allow you guys to write about my life. This is my private life. Why do you want to wash my linen in public? That is something I am not going to tolerate. I will sue you. What you are writing is not for public consumption.

Zvikazokuipira usataure neni. For more information ask Getrude because ,” said Mairos, before abruptly hanging up his phone.

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