Highfield man arrested for a member of parliament


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ZIMBABWE – A Highfield man was arrested for assaulting a member of parliament after he trapped him into his house following his alleged love WhatsApp messages with his wife on Wednesday.

Thompson Reuben, 31, confiscated his wife Pamela Zakaria’s mobile phone and discovered love messages between her and Zvimba East Member of Parliament Francis Garikai Mkangwakwariwa.

Thompson learnt from the conversations that Honourable  Mkangwakwariwa used to frequent his house where he would have quality time with Pamela leading him to invite the latter for a one night stand.

Hon Mkangwakwariwa gave in and according to WhatsApp instructions he was to open the door without knocking since it was unlocked as he indicated his arrival and upon entering the room, Thompson descended on him heavily.

He sustained a fractured lower lip and bruises on both legs and it could not be established if there was any objects used.

The incident took midnight at house 4453 where Thompson lives with his family.

By the time H-Metro arrived at the scene Thompson had forced Hon Mkangwakwariwa into his vehicle and drove to Machipisa police station to lodge a complaint against the latter’s illicit affair with Pamela leading to his arrest.

H-Metro witnessed Hon Mkangwakwariwa being escorted by police to collect his parked vehicle Ranger registration (ADA 3069) from the scene to Machipisa police station where he turned tables against Thompson.

Impeccable sources told H-Metro that Thompson forced Pamela packing and is said to be living with her parents in HatCliff.

“MP vangavakutojairira pamba pemunhu kungenzira yekumusha, vazvambaradzwa chaizvo vakatemwatemwa makumbo zvekuti panoda vakadzi vevamwe pagadziriswa,” said the source.

“He opened the door like opening his house unaware that the lion was in waiting only that law is unfaithful vanhu vakadai vanodakugadziriswa chaizvo especially him a law maker,” added the source.

In one of the Whats App conversations Hon Mkwangwakwariwa described Pamela as wine good for him.

Contacted for comment Hon Mkwangwakwariwa confirmed the incident saying he was lured with his lovely wine and visited the house to help Pamela with school fees.

“Pamela approached me seeking money to pay her fees at Nyadire and from that conversation I was made to believe that she had no ecocash and wanted money leading me to get to the house in Highfield,” said Hon Mkwangwakwariwa.

“In some of the conversations I used to joke with her as someone who socialize with people uye pahushamwari hwedu.

“I was promised my lovely wine sakawaini iyoyo ndinoida chaizvo eeh inondibatsira sakandakabva ndaenda at the same time bringing her the cash she wanted according to the messages sent.

“I failed to see if Pamela was there upon my arrival and I was assaulted by Thompson accusing me of cheating with his wife.

“He quickly reacted for nothing refusing to be restrained by his relatives.

“I do not know what weapons he used since it was dark but I sustained injuries on my body ndakangoti mwoyo chena unoparira,” said Hon Mkwangwakwariwa over the phone saying he was in Concession.

Pamela could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

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