Husband and wife clashed in court


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ZIMBABWE – There was drama at Mbare Musika yesterday when a transporter clashed with his wife after he was caught in the company of his small house.

Luckmore Bere wrestled with his wife Precious Mugweni while driving and his small house Esina Gonzongere intervened by pulling Precious and forced her out of the moving vehicle.

The incident drew the attention of people mostly travelers who joined and attacked Bere after learning from Precious that he was on a mission to introduce his small house to his parents in Magunje.

“Nhai vanhu ndibetsereiwo murume wangu arikudakuenda nehure kunoriratidza amai vake kumusha achindisiya,” Precious was heard saying after she was thrown out of the moving vehicle.

Precious took advantage of attacking Esina after the crowd believed her side of the story and they fought that both their dresses were torn.

Bere failed to drive away because of congestion leading the crowd to confront him over the issue after blocking his vehicle.

He was assaulted and police moved swiftly and dispersed the crowd using dogs and Bere was arrested.

It could not be established what charges Bere was facing but his small house Esina confirmed dragging Precious out of the moving vehicle saying she was obstructing Bere from driving.

“Yes I am the one who dragged Precious out of the vehicle because she was holding Bere’s throat while he was driving,” said Esina.

“Bere is our husband, I have this child with him and we all reside in Damafalls although using separate houses that Bere bought for us.

“Maiguru varwadziwa nekupinda kwangu mumota she did not want me to be in this vehicle although she was aware that we had planned to visit Bere’s parents in Magunje.

“I was surprised to see her at the place where we wanted to leave this vehicle with a driver since Bere has a fleet of Kombis so he wanted to leave it with one of his drivers.

“Precious knows me well and the shoes she bought for our mother in-law is here with me in this car but I am surprised to hear her calling me names as if I am a whore.

“Saka babazvavatorwa nemapurisa vatosungwa here, ko makeys emota ndinoitasei,” said Esina.

Bere was arrested and taken to Mbare police station along with touts who were rounded up for harassing travelers at Mbare Musika.

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