Husband and wife clashes in the civil court

Husband and wife clashes in the civil court


ZIMBABWE – A Harare woman stunned people at the civil court after showing a piece of her ear which was slashed out by her husband.

Wendy Majonga took her husband Russian Majonga seeking a protection order after suffering abuse from him.

Wendy told the court that:

“Russian is very abusive, I have known no peace ever since he took a second a wife.

“He beats me up for no reason and he chased me out of our matrimonial home, I am now staying at my sister’s place.

“The last time we were engaged in a fight, Russian used a slushier to beat me and he cut a piece of my ear. I have the other piece with me,” she said.

Russian denied ever assaulting Wendy claiming that she is a trouble maker, he told the court that:

“Wendy is a trouble maker and is always engaged in fights with people, I am always the one to break up such fights.

“I am surprised she is seeking a protection order against me because I have never laid a hand on her.

“On the incident of the ear, Wendy went to look for a lady whom she claimed was my girlfriend, the two got into a fight there-by losing a piece of her ear.

“I never chased her out of our matrimonial home; she left because she is fighting with my junior wife,” he said.

The magistrate presiding over the matter, Reward Kwenda, granted Wendy the protection order. He also ordered Russian not to insult and assault or chase Wendy from their matrimonial home.

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