Husband punished for evicting his family and abusing his wife

Husband punished for evicting his family and abusing his wife


ZIMBABWE – An abusive Mbare man, who reportedly evicted his family, has been accused of arranging meetings in the bush each time his children want to collect school fees.

Veronica Mandimo opened up at the Harare civil court where she was applying for a protection order against her husband shadreck Masakadze.

She also accused Shadreck of physical and verbal abuse.

“This is my husband but he no longer loves me along with the children.

“He assaults me each time l refuse to vacate from our matrimonial house to the extent of injuring me.

“He insults me with vulgar words in front of our children.

“I am afraid he is going to take over what we worked for together because he does not even want to see our children near the house.

“He arranges meetings in the bush each time the children want to collect money for school fees from him.

In response, Shadreck said:

“I dispute all the allegations because we are living together but we sleep in different rooms.

“We decide to share rooms in September 2012 after l found out she was having boyfriends.

“I never chased away my children, last week we spent the whole weekend together at home.”

Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa, who presided over the matter, granted a protection order in Veronica’s favourite.

She also ordered Shadreck not to chase anyone from the house.

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