I want peace – Mugabe


ZIMBABWE – President Robert Mugabe on Sunday delivered his Christmas message to Zimbabweans and while many fear the elections scheduled for next year, he said there has to be peace and love in the country.

Clinch fisted Mugabe wants peace
Clinch fisted Mugabe wants peace

His rival, Morgan Tsvangirai has called on him to walk the talk and said Mugabe’s words must be matched with decisive action by the police force.

Mugabe is reported to be in high spirits this Christmas.

He said he was going to have a holiday and probably travel to China.

The president has called for peaceful and violence-free elections in 2013, something the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is also insisting on.

But Tsvangirai has sounded a note of caution, after the last elections in 2008 left more than 200 of his supporters dead.

Tsvangirai said Zimbabwe’s political leaders must make sure the police force and the attorney general’s office do not apply the law selectively if there is to be any hope of peace and security.

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