Incompetent Mugabe saved by NGOs, MDC

Incompetent Mugabe saved by NGOs, MDC


ZIMBABWE – The MDC party led by Welshman Ncube was day responding to the veteran leader’s utterances at African Union summit in Ethiopian, as well as upon his return last Saturday at the Harare International Airport, when he denounced NGOs operating in the country.

Since 2002 when Zimbabwe was slapped with sanctions by the West for alleged human rights abuses and electoral fraud, Mugabe has regularly attacked NGOs claiming they were aiding efforts by the United States and Britain to remove him from power.

“The only time President Mugabe’s rants at NGOs will be justified is when his government provides alternative provisions for the suffering millions,” Kurauone Chihwayi the MDC national spokesperson said in a statement Tuesday.

“Right now we advise him to tuck in his tail between his legs and shut up as far as the operations of these organizations are concerned.”

Chihwayi said President Mugabe should be thankful to the donor community for providing humanitarian assistance to the country.

“NGOs have literally carried the nation in terms of humanitarian support in areas including the health and reproductive sector, food aid, advocacy work for human rights and many others,” he said.

“Mugabe is missing the point completely in shooting his mouth off at the hand that literally feeds his nation.

“What President Mugabe should be ensuring is that meaningful steps are taken to safeguard the operating environment for humanitarian agencies in the country”.

Government has previously threatened to cancel operating licenses for NGOs which operate in rural areas, accusing them working with the opposition.

First Lady Grace Mugabe recently told villagers in Binga to disassociate themselves from NGOs which she claimed were being pushed by the West to help remove her husband from power.

Dangamvura-Chikanga legislator Esau Mupfumi also recently said all NGOs operating in the constituency should be vetted by his office.

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