Job Sikhala back to Tsvangirai MDC


By Lance Guma 

HARARE – MDC-99 leader Job Sikhala has rejoined the MDC led by founding president Morgan Tsvangirai and will be unveiled to party supporters at a rally in Bulawayo this coming Saturday. 

When the MDC split in 2005, Sikhala went with the faction of the party led by then Secretary General Welshman Ncube. A few years later he broke away from Ncube’s party citing what he called dictatorial tendencies. He then formed his MDC-99, naming it after the year in which the once united MDC was formed.

Tsvangirai appeared to be courting Sikhala during two weekend rallies. On Saturday at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre, St Mary’s, Chitungwiza, he declared that he would be passing through Sikhala’s home. The former St Mary’s legislator however wrote on Facebook that it was unfortunate he was not at home.

Addressing another rally at the Hunters Garden Park in Mabvuku on Sunday, Tsvangirai claimed “Sikhala contacted me this morning (Sunday) saying he wants to come back; I asked him why he left the party in first place and he said mistakes are made ‘I want to re-join others and complete the struggle’.”

Although Sikhala fired back saying “That is lies; I think he (Tsvangirai) was just overexcited at seeing some supporters considering his party is collapsing. I don’t have his number, in the first place, and I am not thinking about going (back) there,” Nehanda Radio sources said he spent Monday at Tsvangirai’s house.

Contacted for comment Sikhala told Nehanda Radio he will announce his decision in due course and that everything so far was “still speculation.” There is a suggestion in some quarters that Tsvangirai is still in talks with Sikhala and therefore the reluctance to put the cart before the horse by preempting the outcome.

Other MDC-T officials who spoke to Nehanda Radio refused to stick their necks out on the issue with one saying “Sikhala is unpredictable, wait for him to announce it himself. Otherwise we will tell you one thing and a few hours later the guy will have changed his mind and singing a different tune.”

On Sunday Sikhala used his Facebook to post another cryptic message:

“The people of Zimbabwe should know that l have been under immense pressure to make my position known over the overtures made all over to engage in a united struggle against the Mugabe regime. I urge everyone to be patient my brothers and sisters as the announcement will be made in the coming two weeks.

“I know the position l have already resolved to take shall disappoint others and make others happy. Sometimes, it is important to reflect and come to some conclusion over the issue. Unfortunately, l was not home yesterday when Morgan Tsvangirai wanted to see me.

“I have already made my mind and no one will reverse it and l have widely consulted everyone who matters and more importantly my family, relatives and friends, and l am happy with the decision they urged me to take. May God be with you this blessed Sunday. Off to church l go to worship our Mighty God in the name of Jesus,” he added.

Nehanda Radio understands several other officials from the MDC led by Ncube have also jumped ship and will be unveiled at the rally in Bulawayo. One of them we understand is former organising secretary and MDC (Ncube) Council of Elders secretary Mr Esaph Mdlongwa.nehandaradio

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