Joshua Nkomo’s daughter files for divorce against Minister Nhema


ZIMBABWE – The High Court has directed Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister Francis Nhema and his wife Mrs Louise Nhema (nee Nkomo) to attend to some irregularities noted in their divorce papers before a decree is granted.

Mrs Nhema was the one who applied for divorce and the minister agreed to it. The parties agreed to some undisclosed terms of divorce and the matter was referred to the unopposed court roll.

Justice Hlekani Mwayera yesterday said the marriage certificate bears Mrs Nhema’s first name as “Louisa” when the court papers have the name “Louise”.

The judge ordered Mr Addington Chinake of Kantor and Immerman to correct the anomaly by January 10 when the High Court would deal with the matter.

Justice Mwayera also directed the parties to the divorce case to clarify some cancellations made on the consent paper they jointly signed.

“There is some cancellation on the consent paper to which correction was effected by pen. The court is not very clear with that and there is need for you to attend to that,” she said.

It was also the court’s view that the draft order should include the name of the minor child at the centre of the divorce.

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