Kaukonde has forged qualifications – Grace


HARARE – First Lady Grace Mugabe today shocked the nation by accusing ousted Mashonaland East Provincial Chairman Ray Kaukonde of forging his educational qualifications.

“Hanzi ainzi Joseph Kaukonde achigara nemwana wemumwe murumwe ainzi Ray but with a different surname. Kaukonde ranga riri dofo ndobva aba certificate and forged it then he left Ray but added the surname Kaukonde, Grace charged.

“Saka zvinorongwa nemadofo zvinongofa. I tried to organise a mini Unity Accord in Harare and I told my son (Gomwe) to apologise but they took me for granted and today they are falling by the wayside.” She said no one should be intimidated before or during the forthcoming Congress. First Lady castigated the private media for writing falsehoods about the First Family and propping up VP Mujuru’s image.

“Daily News munongonyorawo muchiziva kuti chituta ndechenyu. Write whatever you want we will never stop you or get you arrested but the problem is you end up writing lies,” she said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru has thanked the people of Zimbabwe and for the first time confirmed she was ready to serve the country in any capacity if elected by the people whom she thanked for their support in full page advertisements she placed exclusively in the private media today.

Striking a presidential pose and tone, VP Mujuru started her press statement in the manner of a sitting president as she addressed her “fellow citizens and countrymen”. Said VP Mujuru: “Leaders are elected by the people to serve the people. I am an elected servant of people of Zimbabwe and as such, I can only serve this country in any capacity, when elected by the people.

“Unbridled ambition, misplaced self righteous adulation and hubris, offends the Lord and can only lead to the ruin of the person(s) and the party and therefore Government.” She signed off her statement by thanking “the people of Zimbabwe for your continued support”.

However, Zanu-PF supporters in the provinces said yesterday said they did not support VP Mujuru’s plans t to assume the presidency. “In Matabeleland North we are behind President Mugabe and women in the province are behind the First Lady,” said provincial chairman Richard Moyo.

“We don’t know where she (VP Mujuru) thinks she is getting the support from because in Mat North we have nothing to do with her, which is why they did not even bother to advise us of their plans to assassinate the President.” Midlands acting provincial chairperson Kizito Chivamba said his province did not support corrupt and “dangerous” politicians.

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