Kereke has reported Gono to the police on allegation of various misdeeds

Kereke has reported Gono to the police on allegation of various misdeeds


ZIMBABWE – Bikita West legislator Dr Munyaradzi Kereke has reported former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono to the police on allegations of various misdeeds detrimental to the State during his tenure at the apex bank. Dr Kereke used to work at the RBZ as advisor to Dr Gono.

In the report made at Harare Central Police Station under IR 110334 on Friday, Dr Kereke said if no one was willing to take action he would apply for a certificate of private prosecution.

In the same report to the police, Dr Kereke also mentions Central Intelligence director-general Mr Happyton Bonyongwe and the organisation’s director of economics Mr Jemius Madzingira.

“The individuals and collective actions of the above three accused persons directly undermined the well-being of and multiple fundamental rights of Zimbabweans, prejudiced the State of its public funds, sabotaged the recovery of the Zimbabwean economy as well as threatening the peace and security of Zimbabwe in direct criminal abuse of their office,” said Dr Kereke.

He accused Dr Gono of treason, multiple acts of multi-million dollar fraud against State coffers, criminal abuse of office, breach of the Official Secrets Act, sabotage and undermining the welfare of and personal security of President Mugabe and the First Family.

“I hold explicit evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that the above three accused persons committed the said crimes,” said Dr Kereke.

“The influence of the accused person number one (Mr Bonyongwe) and the sensitivity of the office he holds has been repeatedly abused to thwart all efforts I made to have the three accused persons account for their crimes.”

Dr Kereke accused Dr Gono of leaking to hostile government sensitive military programmes and financial transactions between Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He also said Dr Gono circulated Cabinet minutes to hostile foreign embassies in Harare and said he had handed over evidence to Mr Bonyongwe and Mr Madzingira and they failed to take action.

In the report to the police, Dr Kereke accused Dr Gono of selling gold to a Saudi Arabian jewellery firm at a discount of 34 percent.

“The above are mere examples on the long list of crimes the accused persons committed with impunity,” said Dr Kereke. “My efforts as a citizen of Zimbabwe to report these breaches of the law have seen me becoming prey being hunted day and night.

“I hereby urge the Zimbabwe Republic Police to fully investigate these crimes and bring the above culprits to account as is expected under the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“In the event that the Zimbabwe Republic Police, for one reason or another, sees no merit in pursuing the above matters, I hereby request that this be stated so that the above accused can face private prosecution.”

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