Latest on ex nun who cheated on her husband with 5 men

Latest on ex nun who cheated on her husband with 5 men


ZIMBABWE – Rabeka Fende, the woman whose husband lodged an attack on her person last week alleging that she slept with five men, has revealed that the allegations were lies from her insecure husband meant to harm her reputation.

It has since emerged that her husband, Godfrey Zindere, is insecure and bitter and is now going around tarnishing her image while linking her to several men.

Zindere forged Rabeka’s signature after writing an affidavit which he claimed was a confession from her.

The men have since been established to be relatives and close family acquaintances.

“For years I had to stay with that man with his insecurities to the extent that he would even accuse me of sleeping with any man that I talked to, all of them being relatives.

“The story has really assassinated me and I don’t know if there would be ever a way of reversing that. Even the Pope knows about it, imagine the harm it has done to the (Roman Catholic) church,” Rabeka said.

She added that the story had the potential to break several marriages of the implicated men.

“This could also break several marriages of those men that were listed, imagine most of them are either my sisters’ husbands or relatives. The other one is just a garden boy who once worked for us and you can even call all those men or their wives.

“He has never come across any love messages in my phone; neither did I sign that affidavit he brought to you. This is his own fabrication; we are dealing with someone who is almost mentally challenged following the crumbling of his businesses.”

She has, however, said she will leave everything in God’s hands and she has no power to fight the bitter man.

“I have tried to be a good and submissive wife but I then realised I’m dealing with a man who is seriously bitter and would do anything because it appears he doesn’t care about life anymore.

“Ngaatsvage basa and stop accusing and tarnishing my image like that. I have a career and a life to live.

“Well I don’t know if ever there will be a way of making this right, I was assassinated by that story but I’m leaving it all in the hands of God. He will fight all these battles for me, I can never do it on my own,” Rabeka said.

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