Latest on Harare Priest who wrecked marriage after whatsapp chats between him and married woman leaked

Latest on Harare Priest who wrecked marriage after whatsapp chats between him and married woman leaked


ZIMBABWE – The Anglican priest, who allegedly wrecked a man’s 18-year-old marriage, has lodged a theft report with the police.

He reported that his cellphone was stolen and this was after texts between him and a married woman were intercepted by her husband.

After the story was published last Friday, Father Tendai Mandirahwe went to a police station in Glen Norah and reported that his mobile phone Nokia X2 was stolen by Sinikiwe Nyathi’s husband identified as Chakoma.

The matter is under verification with court officials at Mbare Magistrate’s court.

Father Mandirahwe alleges that his mobile phone was stolen but Chakoma disputed the claims.

He says the phone was handed over voluntarily.

In an interview, Chakoma said he was surprised why Father Mandirahwe had made the report since the two had agreed on an earlier engagement.

“I did not steal Father Mandirahwe’s phone. He agreed on handing it to me as assurance that he would not run away and probably to settle things like man,

“If I stole his phone why didn’t he report me to police at High Glen post where we met. It was only 20 metres away,
“I am surprised that today (Friday) police came knocking on my door saying I stole his phone,” he said.

He said the priest is only backtracking from the original agreement because his shenanigans have been laid out in the open.

“I think it’s been two weeks since I took his phone and now that a story has been published in H-Metro he is acting all innocent. This man is not fit to be a priest or even a leader in the church, he is a liar, a crook and I wonder why people even go to his church,” he said.

Chakoma said the priest had the tendency of frequenting his house not knowing he intended to snatch his wife.

“This priest is not honest, he used to come to my house disguising that he was watching over our poultry project not knowing that he was after getting into my wife’s pants, he even prayed for us can you imagine,
“I remember one time when the two of them came back together all the way from Murewa when other ladies used the bus,” he added.

Father Mandirahwe refused to give his side of the story.

“I am not talking to you. I have a lot to attend to now, please leave me alone,” he fumed.

Earlier on, Father Mandirahwe had said he wanted to engage the Chakomas since they were church members.

“I never made any police complaint that my phone was stolen because I wanted to engage the Chakomas. They said they wanted US$20 000 but I maintain that my hands are clean.

“I was never in love with Sinikiwe,” he said before the story was published last week.

Efforts to get hold of Sinikiwe were unfruitful as her whereabouts are still not known.

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