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ZIMBABWE – 1103: “Now more than 18 months since allegations were levelled against me no docket has been brought forward I don’t know what that means to you,” says Dr Mujuru in response to a question on allegations levelled against her.

1059: She claims one of her followers lost a home in an alleged arson attack.

“Through our meet the people programme I saw horrible things people with scars no medical attention given to them because of political violence.”

1056: On coalition talks she says: “It’s rampant in the media..I hear Mujuru has met Tsvangirai or she has rejected a certain post. I am yet to meet Morgan since the inclusive Government ended. We are open to dialogue. We now have an official party and we are open to dialogue”

1047: She ends her address. It’s now time for questions.

1046: Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Sylvester Nguni, Cogan, Matanhire, David Butau, Kaunye, Svova, Makova, pastor Bulayani among others. Mavhaire to lead elections committee. Legal committee led by Gift Nyandoro, Mvundura external relations, Research committee by Butau.

Four other committees to be occupied by women.

1042: Time for management team to be announced.

1040: Let’s bring the transformation everyone is looking for and build our country in peace while some revolutionaries are pulling Zimbabwe down.

1039: War veterans, the police, army and intelligence services to defend the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

1037: Zimbabweans be part of this agenda to restore practical hope to our people. We abhor political violence and intolerance.

1036: If there is any crime I am guilt of it is the belief in the democratic renewal of leadership from within. We shall have a congress to elect leadership. To spearhead this congress is a national management committee which I shall announce.

1035: On those who say I was in Zanu-PF. We are a new entity with new values and followers from every political party. We are not a one woman’s party we don’t have one centre of power. I have known only one political party and now I am outside and I will not go back. I am neither a witch nor an assassin

Now let’s watch what’s happening on the opposite.

1032: We shall rejoin the Commonwealth. We have to have ties with countries, we can have diplomatic relations without affecting our sovereignty.

1031: The civil service should be apolitical, efficient and professional..without these traits we can not build a better Zimbabwe and restore hope. A vibrant economy is built by such an effective civil service

1028: We are fighting against a system, it is that system which is unjust she says quoting the late General Josiah Tongogara. This system has stolen any hope for the people of Zimbabwe

1027: We fought for the right to self determination, right to vote not one man vote for us all.

1026: We want to serve this country from wanton destruction by those who do not want to see what people value.

1025: Zimbabwe is crying for transformation. ZPF stands for accountability hard work to build a better Zimbabwe. Our blue print BUILD outlines our policy thrust to change Zimbabwe for good.

1024: Zimbabwe is a broken country in that time of the day we look to the get to bring the change desired but we know we will not be given this from the Government. We need electoral laws reformed to ensure a free and fair election. The suffering masses need to make this loud and clear to ensure elections are not stolen or rigged.

1022: Agriculture, banking, financial, mining, tourism, manufacturing, sectors need redesigning to make Zimbabwe a 21st century emerging economy. There should be an independent land audit.

1020: This has given decay across the whole country… we need investor and market friendly policies. Corruption needs to be uprooted. There is urgent need to create employment, an overhaul of the Indigenisation Act is needed.

1018: Dr Mujuru is now on the podium and she says it’s time to build a new Zimbabwe in peace. It needs reform in all sectors. She says people live under an unjust system that applies the law selectively. The ordinary person’s capacity to earn a living has disappeared, Government faces a cash squeeze.

We do not have currency of our own and infrastructure is in need repair if not complete overhaul.

1011: He says present are party members from the 10 provinces who include business people and church leaders. Gumbo and Mutasa are introduced as founding fathers of the party

1010: She is introduced as the party’s president by Mr Nguni who says is her PA.

1009: Dr Mujuru arrives.

1000: Some of the party leaders present include Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, Sylvester Nguni, Dzikamai Mavhaire, Bright Matonga, Colonel Claudius Makova (Retired), Lieutenant Colonel Kudzai Mbudzi (Retired). Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Ambassador John Mvundura and Brigadier Elliot Kasi (Retired).

0958: Scores of people are gathered at a local hotel waiting for an address by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru where she’s expected to launch her party, Zimbabwe People First.

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