Macheso appeals for divine intervention


ZIMBABWE – IS Alick Macheso appealing for divine intervention? That appears to be the case, at least in the lyrics of his latest song — “Huyai Samasimba” — that he has been sampling at most of his live shows in the last few months.

The musician, who is well known for composing songs that sometimes touch on his personal life, becomes emotional each time he plays the song and sometimes sheds tears on stage. The song has deep lyrics of a lost soul seeking supernatural powers to soldier on, in the face of spiritual weariness and fatigue.

In the song, Macheso admits that he sometimes feels tired because of hectic schedules and appeals to God for guidance, deliverance and salvation.

The sungura maestro acknowledges that his talent is a gift from God and appeals to the Almighty to give him strength and inspiration as his body and mind sometimes give in to fatigue. He sings: “. . . Mwari Samasimba, Ndimi Mune simba rose ndimi makatisika, mukatipa zvipo izvi, Asi dzimwe nguva muviri nepfungwa zvinoneta. Ndinokumbira kuti mundisimbisewo . . .”

In a career filled with success, drama, suspense and difficulties, the musician has always produced songs that reflect the situation he is in.

When his relationship and subsequent marriage to his second wife, Tafadzwa Mapako, was under the spotlight from both the media and some sections in the arts sector, Macheso composed a touching song to strengthen his lover.

The song named after his beau, “Tafadzwa,” had unmistakable lyrics that gelled well with the situation his lover, now wife, was in. In the song, Macheso encourages Tafadzwa not to lose hope in all what she does and to trust in the Lord, the giver of all blessings.

It is both a song of encouragement and prayer to God to bless Tafadzwa and grant her all her wishes and dreams.

When he felt that some musicians were copying his work, Macheso took a swipe at them in the song, “Murondatsimba”. With a history of reflecting on what is happening in his life through songs, one tends to wonder what is eating Macheso in his latest song, “Huyai Samasimba”.

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