Magaya preaches to Zimbabwe people

Magaya preaches to Zimbabwe people
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ZIMBABWE – T is the zeal to seek God’s face and putting their faith in him to turn everything better in all nations that has attracted multitudes of people including foreign and local traditional chiefs, Prophet Magaya said.

Prophet Walter Magaya told H-Metro that God will heal the nations when they humble themselves and put their faith in God at the Night of turnaround prayer meeting in Waterfalls on Friday.

The prayer meeting coincided with Prophet Magaya’s birthday and Prophet TB Joshua phoned to congratulate him before pronouncing a priestly blessing to Zimbabwe, leaders and all the people who attended.

“No matter what people may say against PHD ministry but I strongly believe that God will not forsake his people when they gather in such a chilly weather to seek God’s face,” said Prophet Magaya.

“I feel humbled by how God is revealing himself to the people and blessed are the ones who got the grace to see that only his holy spirit can draw such a multitude to kneel before him.

“After this prayer meeting I strongly believe Zimbabweans along with our neighbours will never be the same again.

“I have been challenged by the visiting of traditional chiefs from Botswana, our own traditional chiefs, various church leaders and their pastors as well as political leaders who came in their numbers,” said Prophet Magaya.

Prophet Magaya wept, lying on the ground after prayer and led the multitudes to pray for their nations and leaders.

He went on to share a sermon encouraging people to pray for each other and neighbours saying the devil sows bad seeds to fool people and fail to understand that God shows his love through the people leading you and close to you.

While he was preaching, Prophet Magaya was distracted by his aide with a phone call from TB Joshua’s official alerting him that he was to receive a call from SCOAN leader.

Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua made the call and Prophet Magaya connected it to a speaker and multitudes of people knelt down following a blessing he pronounced to the people, leaders and PHD ministries and wished Prophet Magaya a happy birth day.

Basing from the number of chairs hired and that of PHD ministries, an estimation of over 500 000 people were in attendance.

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