Magaya proposes joint service with Makandiwa

Magaya proposes joint service with Makandiwa


ZIMBABWE – Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader Prophet Walter Magaya has proposed a joint church service with United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. He said the service could be held next year. Prophet Magaya was speaking to thousands of UFIC church members on Sunday during his visit to the church’s service.

Apart from the proposal made by Prophet Magaya, his visit did much to dispel rumours that the two church leaders, whose ministries draw the biggest crowds in the country, were not in good books.

“My prayer and wish is to have a combined all-night service with Prophet Makandiwa,” said Prophet Magaya after being introduced to the UFIC members by Prophet Makandiwa. “Imagine Prophet Makandiwa doing his own thing while I do mine at the same venue. Satan ari patight gore ratirikupinda iri (the devil will be in trouble next year).”

Prophet Magaya said the problem of hosting such a massive service could be lack of a proper venue to accommodate the huge numbers. He said that he used to attend UFIC services a few years ago before he founded the PHD ministries and was convinced that Prophet Makandiwa was a true prophet.

Prophet Magaya said he appreciated Prophet Makandiwa for laying the ground work which made it easier for those in the prophetic calling to get recognition.

“The shoes that you made me to put on are so heavy that I cannot withstand the ground,” he said. “I thank God for such an opportunity and want to thank Prophet Makandiwa for pioneering the prophetic ministry under harsh social conditions, receiving all sorts of negative reports concerning this new dimension of ministry, but he never gave up.

“Prophet Makandiwa is one such a veritable role model in the prophetic ministry who laid the ground work for this prophetic platform. We are just following his footsteps. Even though he received negative media reports, he never deviated from his calling. I can’t be in conflict with such pioneers.

“Man of God, I want to thank you for resisting the pressure and overcoming all evil principalities. I appreciate you for allowing me to come to your house. I thank you for receiving me to such an extent.” Prophet Magaya, who jetted into the country from Nigeria on Sunday, said his visit to UFIC was significant as it was his first to another church since he began his ministry.

Prophet Makandiwa asked the congregants to pray for Prophet Magaya and his ministry. “I salute the action that the man of God Prophet Magaya has taken,” he said. “Its just an act of love. If there is no love we are just lying to ourselves. We just want to thank the action taken of coming to see us and just be a blessing to us.”

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