Makandiwa taunts church leaders


HARARE – United Family International Church (UFIC) leader, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, has castigated congregants and church leaders for not looking after their parents.

He was speaking at a church service yesterday, shortly after the church’s charity arm, Agape Family Care, led by Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, had donated 200 blankets and 200 tennis shoes to widows and elderly women in the church.

The UFIC leader took a dig at Christians and church leaders who made huge sacrifices to the church yet their biological parents reel in abject poverty and are often neglected.

He said just as was the case with the Pharisees during Jesus’ time, a lot of church leaders were encouraging their congregants to give to them at the expense of the congregants’ biological parents on the false pretext that such giving would attract a blessing to the giver.

“The sad thing we are having during our time is that people are taught that they will be free if they give to us (Church leaders) and neglect their biological) parents”, he quipped adding that such doctrines encourage congregants to “leave the commandment of God, and hold fast the tradition of men.” (Mark 7:08).

Makandiwa said it was impossible for any man of God to bless his congregants if he does not teach them to look after their parents.

He also castigated such false doctrine saying that it is responsible for perpetuating the congregants’ suffering, poor health and economic conditions.

Visibly passionate about his message, which he had warned at the beginning that it was not going to attract any applause, Makandiwa said that “preachers are busy pretending like they are delivering people” yet all they are doing is to spread a false doctrine and teaching about a certain type of giving which makes it difficult for any of the church members to be totally free from the grip of a curse that is brought on children if they do not honour their parents .

“It doesn’t matter how many times they (people who seek deliverance) would roll on the floor. It doesn’t matter how many times they will vomit, never lie to them that they are free unless you teach them how to look after their parents,” he chided other men of God to some deafening cheers from his congregants.

Makandiwa said church leaders should not be the only ones targeted for blessing by their congregants but that Christians should ensure their biological parents are taken care of.

“If you are talking of blessing your pastor, you have already done that. I’m talking about blessing your parents. I should not be the only person you target to bless. Take care of your parents,” he urged members of his church.

He also castigated church members who do not look after their parents on the pretext that they are working on their personal projects like building their own houses. He said that even in difficult times, church members should ensure their parents are taken care of.

“Some of you are working on your own personal projects ever since you were born. Where is your mother? Ever since you came to Harare, nothing has come from you. Yet when Jesus was on the cross, he was still concerned about his mother,” he added.

Makandiwa also lamented the behaviour of most people who neglect their parents regardless of the various sacrifices by parents in raising them.

“After all your parents have done for you, you run away from them. You can’t even remember them. By just looking at that, even me as your pastor I begin to suspect you can also run away from me. It means we cannot satisfy you.”

Makandiwa also chided children who do not look after their parents believing them to be witches and wizards.

“Some of you are even accusing your parents of being witches. You look at your suffering and you begin to accuse your mother.

“You don’t even look at the economy. Industries are closing down. Cash is now difficult to come by, yet you don’t look at all that. You just look (accuse) at your mother. Is she a member of Parliament?” he asked rhetorically adding that no men of God can pronounce a blessing on any church member if that member did not make peace with parents and begins to take care of them.

“This hand can never bless you. There is nothing in this hand for you. I will never lie to you. It will be better for you to leave this church today.”

“There will never be a time when God will bless you until and unless you do what is right. Sons and daughters of this ministry, I command you today, go and look after your parents”, he urged his congregants adding that he was expecting to receive text messages from church members informing him that they had finished building houses for their parents.

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