Makosi back in Zimbabwe and Single


ZIMBABWE – Big Brother UK star and socialite Makosi Musambasi is known for being a drama queen and even though she has been keeping it on the low lately we are certainly going to be seeing a lot of her soon.

True, she has slowed her role but it is interesting to know that she has no plans whatsoever of settling down any time soon.

This is in spite of her being linked to a series of big shots around the capital. Surprisingly, while some women would be worried to be 32 years old and single, the former nurse is not moved at all.

She is happy being alone and is in no rush to commit to marriage. With her stunning looks that many would die for, Makosi — who sneaked into the country two months ago — said she wants to live a private life.  In an exclusive interview, the curvaceous lady said she was single but not searching.

“I am happy to share my queen size bed by myself. I am not that type of girl who has an ambition to get married and have children. I am focusing on something different, bigger and better,” she said. The carefree go-getter denied allegations that she has been unlucky in love lately.

“I don’t have a boyfriend or boyfriends as some people are speculating. I am single and not searching, if you can emphasise that,” she said.

The reality star, who is now working in Zimbabwe, declined to shed light on her occupation. “I have been busy, up and about and all I can confirm is that I am working but I can’t say where,” she said.


However, impeccable sources say Makosi is planning to start her own television show and settle in her land of birth. Commenting on the reality show that made her famous, Makosi said that she would not change a thing about her Big Brother appearance.

“Given a chance to go back, I would say for me, it’s not a chance but it is a matter of choice. I had my share of the show twice in 2005 and 2010.

“Even if I haven’t been selected I wouldn’t cry as I had a paying job as a nurse, something I wanted to do. “People don’t know that nursing was an in-born thing, my granny, Makosi the first, was a midwife,” she said.

Asked why she fought hard to stay in the UK, Makosi said everything happened for a reason and in season.
“It was difficult to come back home soon after the show because people hated me that time. At one point in Lutton, some Zimbabweans poured drinks on me. I even received death threats, but thank God I am alive,” she said.

“I invested a lot. There was panic among people who could not accept that a Zimbabwean could win the show. I did interviews, photo-shoots and magazine covers and spent about £10 000-£35 000,” she said. Makosi, who is now a born-again Christian and a member of the Winners Chapel, said religion is a matter of choice.
“Your spirit doesn’t have a nationality, God is everywhere,” she said.

Currently, the reality star is staying with her family in Belvedere and said she has great plans for the festive season.

“Christmas time is the most expensive time in my life as it is also my dad’s birthday. I am planning to book the Great Wall Restaurant so that we can have a family time celebrating the season,” she said.
She dismissed claims that she now ventured into politics.

“I have no business in upsetting the Government as people are claiming. Zimbabwe is a safe and peaceful place and I have witnessed that first hand. I am actually going to vote for the first time in next year’s elections,” she said.

Commenting on criticism of her behaviour while in the reality show, Makosi said she doesn’t give a damn.
Oddly enough, she admitted to being a nobody just like what happens to any former Big Brother housemate.
“I am not a celebrity even though people talked about me a lot. Yes, I had sex in the pool but that was then.
“I have never viewed myself to be a celebrity. I don’t care what people will say when they recognise me because all I am doing is living my life to the limit,” she said.

Makosi, a former Roosevelt High School student, said despite all that happened her family never abandoned her.

She said the family has been a pillar of strength in all trials and tribulations.

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