Man arrested for buying a stolen cell phone

Man arrested for buying a stolen cell phone


ZIMBABWE – For buying a stolen cell phone, a 22-year-old man from Chitungwiza was arrested after he was tracked and found in possession of the cell phone.

Kennedy Munyengeterwa pleaded not guilty to theft charges when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Renikah Dzikiti for stealing an I-Phone 5 cell phone which belongs to Dumisani Chikanda.

The presiding magistrate deferred the matter to December 18 to allow Kennedy to assist the police with investigations in arresting the culprit whom he claimed sold the stolen the cell phone to him.

Whilst making his submission in court, Kennedy said he bought the cell phone after he was given assurance by the seller that it was his cell phone.

“I never stole the cell phone I bought it from a buy who stays in Zengeza 4, I don’t know his name but I can assist the police with investigations.

“He convinced me that he was the owner and I agreed since he was selling the cell phone for only US$80.

“Dumisani reported to the police that the cell phone was stolen on December 2 at Makoni shopping centre but on that day I was actually at work and my workmates can testify to what I am saying,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dumisani said Kennedy was his main suspect since he was the one whom he found in possession with his cell phone.

“I have no other suspect, my cell phone had a tracker and he was the only one whose cell phone line was inserted into my cell phone.

“I had to engage the police because when I first called him telling him that the cell phone he was using was mine he was arrogant refusing to talk to me,” said Dumisani.

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