Man arrested for raping his workmate

Man arrested for raping his workmate


ZIMBABWE – 36-YEAR-OLD High field man has been arrested for attempting to rape his workmate and taking advantage of being a superior.

Patric Chimbazaza pleaded not guilty when he appeared before magistrate Stanford Mambanje charged with attempted rape and indecent assault.

Chambazaza will be back in court today for his judgment.

It is alleged that Chambazaza was the one who was in charge of supervising and unlocking the water source area and the toilets at his work place.

The complainant then asked for the toilet key from Chambazaza and he offer to unlock it for her.

It is alleged that after the complainant went into the toilet Chambazaza followed a few seconds after and told her that he always admired her.

It was said that Chambazaza even went on to grab the complainant’s waist and made further sexual advances.

After the complainant tried to resist his advances Chambazaza tried to lift her up till she managed to overpower him and fled.

Chambazaza is said to have followed the complainant and violently tried to drag her back to the toilet but she managed to escape and reported to her employer.

The complainant and her employer lodged a complaint with the police leading to Chambazaza’s arrest.

In defence Chambazaza told the court that the complainant was lying and had an intention of fixing him because he had once restricted her to misusing water.

Percy Mugauri appeared for the State.

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