Man assaulted wife in front of his in-laws

Man assaulted wife in front of his in-laws


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man reportedly assaulted his wife in front of her parents following a heated argument.

The wife had fled to her parents’ house.

Washington Kahlari allegedly beat up his wife, Tsitsi Mude, for not respecting him as her husband.

Mude, who was seeking a protection order against Kahlari, on Friday told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa that she suffered several abuses at Kahlari’s hands.

She said Kahlari was a cruel man who terrorised her over petty issues.

“He assaults me on several occasions and even if I try to run away from him, he will follow me and assault me,” Mude said.

“I once escaped to my parents’ house and he came and assaulted me in their presence. He does not have respect for my parents and he accuses them of influencing me. I have since sought refuge at a friend’s place which he does not know about because if he knows where I am staying he will come and assault me again. I beg this court to stop him from assaulting me because I have suffered enough,” she said.

Kahlari refuted the allegations. He told the court that he has never abused his wife.

“I have never assaulted her because if I had, she would not be alive,” Kahlari said.

Mrs Gofa ordered Kahlari to stop assaulting Mude and to keep peace with her at all times.

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